August 15, 2016

Importance of case studies as a marketing tool for your business

We often hear the term ‘case studies’ and how they are being effectively used as a marketing tool. However, we often fall short to understand, why case studies are so important for any business to grow. Here is a short blog that exhibits some key points regarding importance of case studies as a marketing tool for your business and how to make an effective case study.

Case studies

Importance of case studies for businesses

The sole question here is that why case studies are so important for businesses. For starters, it is the perfect tool to reach out to clients for their work related problems. Through case studies, you can narrate a story to your clients. Case studies are nothing but a research method that goes to the root cause of any problem. You can tell how your company, brand, product or service has helped your previous clients so far. It can also exhibit the advantages of your services. The case study is able to demonstrate the success of your product or service to the customer.

How to create an effective case study?

As mentioned above, case studies are one of the most valuable tools for the current business models. However, case studies are effective only when they are created correctly. Here is a list of points that increase the importance of case studies.

  • Why is the case study made: The core of any case study is to understand why it is being prepared. In order to understand this, one should first answer what is being studies in the case study. Generally, for using the case study as a marketing tool, often the services provided by the company are studied. A case study that includes how your services are beneficial for your client, certainly becomes an effective advertising tool.
  • Put it in a ‘problem-solution’ format: This is the most important factor in any case study. Case study is nothing but what solution was provided for a particular business problem. When the case study clearly mentions how your company is able to provide a solution for your client’s business, it will become effective.
  • Realistic use of a case study: Case studies are valuable because they can help in creating a buyer persona – a realistic example of the company’s typical customer. These personas help companies answer questions about their daily activities.
  • Some additional questions: Besides above points, you can ask following questions in order to increase the efficiency and importance of case studies. Will your service attract your target clients? Will your clients be repeat customers due to the case study? What changes you can make to your service, product or process to bring out more effective results? Are there any products or services that should be added or discarded?
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